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Aqua Therapy For Treatment Of Back Pain

Aqua therapy uses warm water, exercise, and, at times, whirlpools to decrease pain and pressure on aching muscles and joints. Just like land-based physical therapy, water therapy can be tailored to every individual patient. Patients can strengthen their muscles by using the viscosity of the water as resistance. You can improve your range of motion and mobility by performing range of motion exercises. Some of these exercises may be difficult on land due to pain. Swelling in the peripheral extremities and joints can be decreased by increasing circulation with the body’s movement as well as from the hydrostatic pressure of the water. The buoyancy of being in the water allows individuals to perform stretches, strengthening exercises, and cardiovascular activity in a zero-impact environment. This is very important for those with joint pain and spinal conditions. One should avoid water therapy if they have conditions exacerbated by warm water. These include asthma, infection, illness, urinary or fecal incontinence, etc. Make sure to ask your healthcare provider before starting any aqua activity.