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Triple Tips - Week of December 19th

Portal Tip 1: Request an Appointment

  1. After logging in, go to the home page. On the top right hand side you will see a box titled “Appointments”.
  2. Click on “Request”.

  1. Click on “Select an Organization”, and then select NYSWC.

  1. Click on “Provider” and select the name of the provider you would like to schedule an appointment with.

  1. Click on “Appointment Type” and select other.

  1. In the “Reason for Appointment” box, type in why you are requesting an appointment.

  1. In the “When Do You Want an Appointment” box click on “First Available” and select when you would like the appointment to be made.

  1. Check which days of the week you would be available for the appointment.

  1. Click on “Anytime” and select if you are available anytime, after a certain time, before a certain time, or between a specific time.

  1. If you are available anytime, click on the . If you selected a time range enter the time you are available and then click on

  1. If you have any additional comments, feel free to add them in the comments section on the form.
  2. When you have completed the form click on . Our office will contact you by phone or through the portal.

Portal Tip 2: Sending a Message to Your Provider

  1. Log into the Portal and click on “Send a Message” at the top of the screen.
  1. The below box will pop up letting you know that if your situation is an emergency, you need to call 911. If it is not an emergency, click “ok”

  1. Click on to select the provider you would like to send a message to.
  2. In the Subject box, enter what your question/comment is in regards to.
  3. In the body: Write your message to your provider. See example below.

  1. When finished hit the send button.

Portal Tip 3: Checking for Responses/Emails

  1. Log into the portal.
  2. Click on “Inbox” at the top of the screen.

  1. To view messages click on “Inbox” located on the left side of the screen.

  1. Click on the message you would like to read or select “Expand”.

  1. To see messages that you sent select the “Sent” Icon.