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Importance of Core Strengthening

Core muscles are the underlying muscles of your trunk or torso. It is important to have strength in this area for many reasons. Core strength can help reduce pain in your back (both now and in the future) by improving your posture. Strong core muscles help keep the spine in alignment and decrease strain on the lower back, preventing future injuries such as disc herniation or vertebral (bone) degeneration. Core strength can also help improve balance and increase your stability. This will make performing everyday activities easier such as carrying groceries, carrying children, walking on icy/snow covered ground, vacuuming, recreational sports activities, or work duties. There are many exercises you can perform for core strengthening. Please ask your provider for a hand out/instructions on how to do these.

Remember. These exercises are important not only to perform, but they must be done daily in order to see and feel the difference. Change takes time. 30 days of practice with exercise will turn it into a habit.

Erin K. Skelly, PA-C

It is very important for all of us to have strong cores. However, this is especially important for those with back pain. The stronger the core the less strain the back will experience. Picture the core as an apple core. You do not focus on just the abdominal muscles but the back as well. Using an exercise ball is an excellent way to engage these muscles. We do have handouts here for core strengthening.

Jill C. Malinowski, RN, FNP-BC