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Preparing A Patient For Their First Office Visit

Many patients who I see think that they are going to be getting a nerve block when they are seen for the first time at New York Spine & Wellness Center. Others are overwhelmed by the stress of having to be seen by a new practitioner. I would like to take this opportunity to explain the process and give you a brief overview of your first visit with us. The initial visit involves the completion of paperwork regarding your present illness and past medical history. Your height, weight, and vital signs will be taken. You will be asked questions by one of our medical assistants. A nurse practitioner or a physician assistant will then conduct your visit. We will complete a questionnaire, which includes some specific questions about the pain you are having. After this is done, we will typically explain the practice and the different modalities of treatment we offer. If diagnostics have been completed, we will review the findings, explain what they mean, and show specifically on the spine model if possible.

The physical exam will be done next. This will consist of palpation of your spine and testing your strength, mobility, and flexibility. After these things are completed, you will be asked how you would like to proceed. Afterwards, a physician will be involved with your care. Some examples of medications that are prescribed for spine problems include anti-inflammatories, neuropathic agents, muscle relaxants, and pain medications. You are encouraged to ask questions and be an active participant in your care. I look forward to meeting you and hope your experience is pleasant.