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Pain Management In New York

New York Spine & Wellness Center wants our patients to be fully informed about the causes of their pain, what leads to spine pain disorders, and how our team can help. In many cases, our non-operative treatment allows patients to avoid surgery altogether.

If you’re struggling with pain while recovering from back or spine surgery, our services help reduce the pain while teaching you how to cope with it in healthy ways on a daily basis.

Quick facts about back pain (courtesy of the American Chiropractic Association):

  • It’s the leading cause of disability
  • It’s the 2nd-leading reason for doctor’s visits
  • Around 31 million Americans deal with back pain
  • Most cases of back pain are mechanical—meaning disease isn’t the issue

Our team of pain specialists provide spine injections, chiropractic care, and several other pain management methods in order to improve your quality of life and reduce back pain. What we can understand from that last fact—most back pain is mechanical—is that your back pain is potentially correctable through non-operative means.

Most people believe one of two things: that their back pain is a fact of life that cannot be helped, or that it can only be corrected through surgery. New York Spine & Wellness Center provides an answer to both of these pieces of misinformation. Our aim is to help our patients live full, incredible lives with little to no pain without the need for surgery whenever possible. Whether you are recovering from surgery or are hoping to avoid it, our Central New York pain specialists can determine what treatment or therapies will serve you best.

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