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Medical Cannabis (Marijuana)

New York Spine and Wellness Center providers are registered with New York State to certify qualifying patients for Medical Cannabis.

If you have one of the following, speak with a NYSWC provider about whether the use of Medical Cannabis is appropriate for your condition:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injury with spasticity
  • Epilepsy
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Neuropathy
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Medical marijuana has numerous scientifically proven benefits, including:

  • Better pain relief that may allow for decreased opioid use
  • Decreased stiffness and muscle spasticity and burning pain related to multiple sclerosis
  • Increased appetite for patients with AIDS/HIV and Cancer
  • Decreased nausea for chemotherapy patients
  • Decreased pain related to neuropathy

Approved forms of Medical Cannabis include capsules, tincture, oral spray, and vaporizers.

How to Create an Personal Account account is required in order to complete the certified patient or designated caregiver registration process for the medical marijuana program. If you do not have a account, click here for instructions.

For more information about Medical Cannabis, visit the State of New York website or call us today at (315) 552-6700.

Below is the Pathway to Medical Cannabis through New York Spine & Wellness Center
  • Contact Your Provider

    To see if medical cannabis may help.

  • Apply For Registration ID Card

    $199 NYSWC initial fee, Card will be sent by mail upon approval

  • Registered Provider Awards Certification

    If Appropriate for your condition.

  • Purchase Product

    From a registered organization’s dispensary facility, cost varies.

  • Renewal & Recertification

    There is a $149 NYSWC annual recertification fee to continue the program.

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