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Massage Therapy

Premier Pain Management in North Syracuse, Camillus & East Syracuse, NY

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy addresses key areas of back pain and other pain syndromes common to our patients. Often, chronic or acute pain contributes to (and is caused by) muscle tension, stiff joints, mental fatigue and stress, and poor posture. Massage sessions relax major muscle areas, increasing flexibility while allowing our patients to de-stress—both physically and mentally.

Other benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved concentration
  • Better quality sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased sense of well-being

New York Spine & Wellness Center offers massage sessions in 30-minute ($45), 60-minute ($85), or 90-minute ($115) increments. While virtually any patient could benefit from massage therapy, we recommend weekly sessions for patients with severe muscle contraction. Massage therapy can be offered autonomously or implemented as a part of your comprehensive treatment plan.

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If you’re interested in the benefits offered by massage therapy, call (315) 552-6700. Let us address the root cause of your pain while providing relief.

Massage is available at our North Syracuse and Camillus locations. Call us today at (315) 552-6700.

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